tät-tat stands for a witty and unconventional type of Swiss design.
Neatly thought out, beautifully packaged and produced according to social standards.

Since 1994 tät-tat has specialised in the development of everyday objects produced according to social standards.

Since 2015 we have developed our own range as well as corporate products in partnership with Dock/Gruppe AG, the largest social enterprise in Switzerland.

The concepts are developed in our studio in Münchwilen and are brought to production stage in the St. Gallen Sittertobel. Depending on work profile and scale, we implement the production in one or several of the 10 Dock plants.

The basic idea of turning an apparent weakness into a strength has remained the same throughout the past 25 years: work is to be generated from the core – work that meaningfully complements existing client orders from industry.

tät-tat products are available worldwide in museum shops, design shops, book shops, stationary shops, fair trade shops and online.

Upcoming trade fairs

Distribution Switzerland: IC Design

Distribution Germany: tät-tat GmbH

Distribution partner USA and worldwide: ameico


Vertrieb Neuseeland: Espial Marketing


Vertrieb Italien: Moroni Gomma



Storage and Distribution (Dock//St. Gallen)

Andreia Charneca

Mireille HottenrothStefan Krebser

Olivia Weber

Current production teams


Pro Businesshouse AG, Adcremo St. Gallen

Sabrina Alonso

William Brockman

Christine O’Neill


IT und -infrastructure

Bin Martig



Pascal Heimann

Concepts / Ideas / Design
Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof


Management of tät-tat GmbH
Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof

Work with a purpose. For the past 25 years, Brigitta and Benedikt Martig-Imhof have continually developed the idea and concept of tät-tat’s way of working.
Thus, the organisation is connected with the people who make up tät-tat with their day-to-day commitment.


Awards and prizes

1997: tät-tat receives the prize of the Zurich University of Fine Arts and Design
1998: ‘complimenti!’ for the ‘apfelpick’ bird feeder
2001: IKEA Foundation Switzerland, support for exhibiting internationally
2002: ‘complimenti!’ for the ‘no-mal’ children’s painting apron made out of an umbrella
2003: ‘Form 2003’ for the ‘sinkstill’ lantern; ‘Form 2003’ for the ‘langbank’ bird feeder
2004: ‘Form 2004’ for the ‘gar-lang’ paper chain
‘Form 2004’ for the ‘spektral’ spiral garland
‘Form 2004’ for colourful ‘pixel’ magnets
2005: The Heimstätten Wil receive an innovation prize from Canton St. Gallen for a joint project with tät-tat
2005: ‘Form 2005’ for the literary advent calendar
‘Form 2005’ for the ‘streifenkarte’ block of cards
‘Form 2005’ for the ‘lonan’ lantern
‘Form 2005’ for the ‘pickarus’ bird feeder
2005–2006: Participation in exhibition ‘small&beautiful’, design from Switzerland in Tokyo (Pro Helvetia travelling exhibition)
2010: ‘DESIGN PLUS’ for the ‘plattfuss’ household rubber bands
Nomination ‘German Design Award 2011’ for the ‘plattfuss’ household rubber bands
Gold ‘blickfang-designpreis’ for ‘pyrad’, a cooker for children made from old  bicycle parts (Blickfang Zürich)
2011: ‘DESIGN PLUS’ for the ‘zupf-pompon’ notepad
nominated for ‘German Design Award 2012’ for the ‘zupf-pompon’ notepad
2015: ‘Form 2015’ for diverse ‘themed rubber bands’

2019: «soap dish» made from recycled flat screens «Green Product award», Selection 2019


tät-tat GmbH, Eschlikonerstrasse 16, CH-9542 Münchwilen, T +41 (0)71 966 17 17,  info@taet-tat.ch

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